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Wrong password or username even though they are right

Posted by sly_fan11 on 19 May 2012 - 03:12 AM

everytime i try to join a server i cant login because it says wrong password or username

I am having the same problem and i registered only a few minutes back!

Same probleme agin, how can i solve that???? It's not very funny

The thing is: i would want at least, an explaination from a webmaster...

i have a similar problem... a can log in but when i want to join a server i can't because it says wrong password or username

same thing happening to me. i even went as far as to make a new account and it still did the same thing to me

Pessoal isso é uma manutenção

this is really pissin me off i need to get online.

same happends to me. i reall hope ther gonna fx this if not theyl get a lot of pissed of fans i bet

i had te same problem but when i changed my computer it was fixed but when i get to choose a character it takes endless loading i hope this could help you all and i could find someone to help me

u know i will just leave this fucking game cause i never played it but it makes my balls explode and i am tired of waiting so i will just leave it to fuck itself

i cant play this game im waitong for 1 hour and i cant play it plz help me

same problem for me, eh, anyway, when it doesn't said that my login or password are wrong, it juste started to loadind, and of course it never ends.

These problems should have been fixed before they launched the game.

same problem as all of you even though my name and password are both correct and it tells me its not if someone has a answer plz tell me i really want to play

Indeed we are all having similar predicaments. I've viewed on the community's forums that it's all due to either the server's work load or updates being made. I sure do hope they make available their other servers soon or expand the one they have. I've been dying to play.

every time i try to join a server it says wrong username or password

every time i try to join a server it says wrong username or password

i hate when it says that i have the wrong password and username when it is right. anyway can you please fix this bug :mad:

As has been said, it is probably due to updates or user overload. Be patient. They have a lot on there plate.

Yeah, but I would have thought that the point to having/playing a MMO was to actually play the game...

You have to go to ur email and verify ur account

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