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Alpha Wolf Pack - [AWP]


The best of the best. No room for error. Kill or be Killed. Hunt or be Hunted. Never give up, Never Back Down, Never Tap Out.


Owner: Pridelord

Founded: 19-May 12

Members: 331

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  • Hello

    by Pridelord Feb 17 2013 10:57 AM

    Well in case you havent notice, I am back. I have been gone for a long time and i would like to apologize for that. I would first like to say that i am thankful to Firewolf and the other leaders because it was you all that managed and took care of the pack in my absence. Well i would like to begin by saying a few things as well. Since i am back i plan on recruiting more people into our Pack. I would also like to say that i am on pretty much everyday so if anybody wishes to talk to me then you wont have to look very far. In case i am not there however for any reason then please feel free to message me or post your questions/comments on the board and im sure i or one of the others will help you in any way possible. Well anyways thats all you all. -Howl-

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  • 1.) Do not start war with other gangs unless it is authorized! (let's not repeat what other gangs did)

    2.) Don't ask to be leader!

    3.) Common Sense rule: If a gang(allie or not) attacks without reason, you are authorized to return fire.

    (I might add more rules and gidelines soon)

    Addition to this I might make teams later. For those who are interested in this idea- give me some ideas on who should be leader of what team, what kind of the teams, team name, and how to split it.

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  • 7th leader

    by DanTheMann Jan 05 2013 06:50 PM

    hi AWP leaders and menbers im the 7th leader of AWP im so happy thx to superkiller and firewlof thx u guys for let'ing me be the 7th :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :eek: :eek: leader. thx u and bye guys add me i help any one in the game i will be on fridays and stardays bye guy.

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  • Sub-Forums

    by Flandre Scarlet Insanity Dec 27 2012 07:27 AM

    Working on specialized sub-forums for different ranks.

    ~Grip & Breakdown!

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  • Ranks for now

    by firewolf insane Kaitlyn Dec 16 2012 11:23 AM

    1.) Alpha Wolf(admin)
    2.)Alpha Wolf/Look Out(mod)
    3.)Elite Wolf(special class)
    4.)Teen Wolf
    5.)Pup(everyone who joins)
    6.)Dead Meats(we got our eyes on you trouble maker/ typically you're banned for a while)

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